Serve the World Projects, Next Generation, and Local Church Expansion

2018 GOAL: $500,000

We begin each year by prayerfully seeking what role God wants us to play in building His Kingdom. The Bible shows us that Jesus gave all He had
to reach the lost and that there is no greater love than this. He asks us not to hold back in our own sacrifice for the Kingdom.
We are so excited about what God has in store for His Church in 2018 through KINGDOM BUILDERS!

KINGDOM BUILDERS has three areas of focus:
Serve the World Projects, Next Generation, and Local Church Expansion.

Belize Church Project – $5,000 {building a church in a Mayan village}

BGMC – $4,500 {creative access for missionaries in Northern Asia, building aquaponics greenhouses in third world countries, supporting orphanages in Thailand and the Philippines – raised by Evangel Kids & Early Childhood Ministries}

BGMC Kingdom Builders Match – $4,000

Brothers in Blue Reentry – $5,000 {in-prison program helping inmates be discipled, educated, and equipped for successful re-entry into society}

Calcutta Mercy – $28,000 {adopt-a-village – targeting a strategic area in India and adopting a village to bring things like medical care, education and a church plant over a one year period}

Campus Expansion Project: Archie – $35,000 {Help our campus in Archie break ground on a new building on recently purchased land}

Care Portal – $2,400 {partnering with government agencies & foster families to meet physical & relational needs}

Children’s Home in the Philippines – $5,000 {provide care for at risk youth in the Philippines}

Church Planting – $5,200 {planting churches through A/G District & General Council Initiatives statewide & worldwide}

City Union Mission – $600 {support to feed and house the homeless in Kansas City}

Community Outreach Events: Archie – $1,000 {Mega Sports Camp & Halloween}

Community Outreach Events: KC – $42,000 {Fireworks, Halloween, Easter, Christmas}

Community Service Projects: KC – $18,000 {One Day to Serve, Food Pantry, Center School District Partnerships}

Convoy of Hope – $5,000 {disaster relief efforts worldwide}

Future Evangel Campuses – $25,000 {preparing us for additional campuses in the future – like Archie – as the Lord leads & opens doors}

Global Scholars – $1,200 {placing Christian teachers & professors in universities worldwide}

House of Hope – $1,200 {support to disciple, educate, & transform teen girls}

Jamaica– $10,000 {purchasing chickens and building a 30×50 sqft structure for a chicken farm to provide ongoing resources and food for an orphanage in Jamaica}

Junior/Senior Missions Trip – $12,500 {to send our High School Juniors & Seniors on an international missions trip}

Kingdom Builders Promo & Advancement – $20,000 {promo pieces, equipment & production of testimonies, etc.}

Light For The Lost – $3,000 {supplying discipleship materials to missionaries worldwide}

Local College Campus Ministry & Evangel Young Adult Expansion – $8,000 {partner with Chi Alpha to start a local college ministry}

Partnership International – $6,000 {support to complete worldwide missions projects}

Project 100 Million – $2,000 {Helping reach 100 million people with the Gospel worldwide through technology}

Project Rescue – $5,000 {rescues & disciples girls from sex trafficking}

Rachel House – $6,000 {support to protect babies & assist women with unplanned pregnancies}

Serve the World Charities – $6,000 {support to reach our neighborhood and community}

Serve the World Guests – $8,000 {honorariums & visit expenses for visiting missionaries & other guests}

Serve the World Ministry Expenses – $4,000 {meeting with missionaries & community involvement}

Serve the World Missions Trips – $9,000 {trip leaders’ expenses, projects for trips}

Speed The Light – $9,500 {supporting missionaries worldwide with vehicle and technology needs – raised by Evangel Student Ministries}

Speed The Light Kingdom Builders Match – $6,000

Student & Kids Area Improvements – $20,000 {invest in ministries to enable the best equipment, curriculum, & environment for age group}

Student Camp Scholarships – $6,500 {support students who would otherwise be unable to go to camp}

Student Internship Program – $2,600 {hands-on internship program at Evangel for students exploring or called into ministry}

Student/Community Building: KC – $150,000 {giving towards future 25,000sqft addition for student & community use including student space, classrooms, gymnasium, & food pantry}

Teen Challenge – $3,600 {support to disciple, educate, & transform teen girls}

Winds of the Spirit – $15,000 {to enable us to give to new projects & missionaries as God leads}


Note: We Support missionaries on a monthly basis through our General fund.
$55,500 will be given in 2018 to support 27 missionaries around the world.